INKtober Day 10: We Are ALL Mad Here!

So many rendered versions of the trickster from Alice in Wonderland, known as the Cheshire Cat, from sweet and cuddly to downright homicidal looking… I had to add my interpretation to the mix for Day 10 of INKtober.

INKtober Day 10: "We Are ALL Mad Here!"

INKtober Day 10: “We Are ALL Mad Here!”

This drawing is the first time I tried the Tachikawa brand inking pens. Used the spoon nib for all of the inking, and Speedball India ink. A lot more time consuming than using the Pigma Microns, but Oh the versatility of the line widths!

When I was in high school I used to do a lot of pen and ink drawing, but the quality of the pen nibs was substandard by comparison! I had access to one standard size nib and a crowquill pen for the fine lines. Last time I tried to use steel pen nibs for inking I had grabbed some of the Speedball nibs, and they sucked. I have a lot to learn about inking, but now I have good tools to work with. I still want to try brush inking but Winsor Newton Series 7 watercolor brushes are kinda pricey and hard to come by. Ah well, someday.

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