InkTober Day 5: My Fascination

A little late on my Day 5 submission for InkTober.

InkTober Day 5: My Fascination

InkTober Day 5: My Fascination

I never get tired of drawing skulls. They fascinate me.

The skull contains and protects our brain, the most precious of our organs. Heart, lungs, kidneys, liver… with today’s medical advancements, can all be replaced. Our brains are such complex organs medicine and science are only beginning to scratch the surface in understanding them.

Our personality, our body’s function, our face, which is our outward appearance and how we recognize each other, our motor skills… all in the brain.

The skull itself is a work of art… so many planes, curves, shapes… morbid and creepy to some, even scary. Used as a recognizable symbol on a pirate’s flag, or a cautionary graphic to warn of poison, Ancient cultures hanging the skulls of their slain enemies as part of their decor, even dominant representation for Halloween, Day of the Dead, lends that eerie or frightening appeal to the skull.

But I see it as a beautifully sculpted set of bones that house the thing that is most precious to us all… our brain, without which we would not have a mind, or consciousness.

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