INKTober Day 20: Tentacles

My husband requested I draw something with tentacles for one of my INKTober drawings.

INKTober Day 20: Tentacles.

INKTober Day 20: Tentacles.

I have been working with the Tachikawa comic pens since Day 10, and I LOVE them!! I used a couple different Maru nibs for this drawing, one a bit stiffer than the other that creates really fine lines. They work well with Speedball ink.

Ironically I tried the Speedball nibs a while back, and was not impressed with the way they work.

But working with the nibs and ink takes me back to my art classes with Mr. Wong in high school. Had a generic pen nib, and he later gave me a croquill pen, which is similar to the Maru, but larger.

Someday I’ll do another pointillism drawing. All those dots…