KISS Tribute

I grew up a KISS fan in the 1970s. I was one of those kids that drew their faces all the time… I even created my own KISS “sculptures” in bakers clay and painted them. Funny thing is my mom kept those, and I have them. Sadly they’re the victims of moisture and time, but I will have to see what I can do to clean them up and photograph them as a throwback type of thing.

But for now, this…

KISS skulls

KISS skulls

I have had this concept kicking around in the back of my skull for a while. It was after doing the Sugar Skull during INKTober that I decided to do the KISS skulls in a similar way. Lots of fun with inking, watercolor, and re-acquainting myself with watercolor pencils. FUN!!

InkTober 2014 Day 2: “YAAAARRRRN”

InkTober 2014 is in full swing, you can see it by checking the hashtag #inktober on Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, etc.

My Day 2 submission is not my original concept, even if the art is my own. I wish I knew who originated it so I give him or her the credit. However, all of the ones I have seen were all with knitting needles. While I know the basics of knitting, I prefer to crochet. And I love pirates!

That, and anyone who knows me knows a skull will show up eventually. This won’t be the last during this year’s InkTober, either… I have more ideas rattling around in the back of my head.

InkTober 2014 Day 2: "YAARRRRN!!" a tribute to my love for skulls, pirates, and crochet.

InkTober 2014 Day 2: “YAARRRRN!!” a tribute to my love for skulls, pirates, and crochet.

I wanted to play a bit with watercolor washes too, and got a little carried away. However, it looks a lot better than it did in just black & white… I’ll probably do more like this.