The Phoenyx has landed!

But it’s going to be a ‘work in progress’ for a while.

I’ve done it! I finally decided to install WordPress on my domain/site. I’ve decided to phase out my blog and go with something a little more robust.

If art galleries can have ‘soft openings’ while they are still putting the gallery together, why not?

Speaking of ‘work in progress,’ this is something I’ve been playing with to break in some new paintbrushes I bought from Jeral Tidwell, called the ‘Broken Pinkies.’ I had the custom brushes already (and I LOVE them!) but these are a most welcome addition to my brush box.

The shading on the wings and in the iris of the eye was done using the ‘stubby’ and ‘scrubby’ brushes from Tidwell’s Broken Pinkies brushes. 1-Shot can be a temperamental beastie to work with, but I like it!

The black outlines were done by using the ‘pick up line’ brush, which you can see just a little bit of on the right side of the image. Yes, the handles are NEON PINK!

Please, bookmark this site,, share it, tell your friends. Having the crickets for an audience can get so lonely.

2 thoughts on “The Phoenyx has landed!

    • Thank you Dave! I’ll probably ask strange questions about WP from time to time. Been updating the work blog which is a WP site, and tinkering for a few months. Time to get serious!

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